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Design Excellence in Advertising, Marketing and Creativity

Design Excellence in Advertising, Marketing and Creativity

Designers, marketers and creative agencies behold, the new round for the International A-Prime Design Award & Competition starts on this April.

Creative minds, advertising agencies, communication designers and marketing experts are called upon to enter their best projects in the world’s most renowned and most diffused design competition. All graphic designs, advertising campaigns as well as print layouts will be accepted to the competition. The international a-prime design awards ( boosts an internationally influential grand jury panel which will vote your entries anonymously by experience, expertise but most importantly by following strict evaluation guidelines to judge your entries fairly. With the beginning of the early bird entry nomination phase in mid April, designers, creative agencies, freelancers, marketing and consultancy companies are invited to submit their best graphic and communication design projects to the international annual juried a design award and competition for award consideration. Entries are accepted in over hundred different sub-categories, you could submit for example; advertising (print ads), online campaigns (inc. banners), websites, communication design, interactive advertisements, or any other innovative campaigns and graphics design works within the communication design. The best graphic designers, worlds' best agencies, the greatest design consultants and the best communication work will be highlighted. Entry is subject to a nominal registration fee however participants could also take advantage of the special discounted rates for early registration. Winners will be eligible to win the A' Design Prize which includes not only yearbook, trophy, certificate etc but unmatched publicity and advertisement of winners.


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