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Starting on April 15, The International ADESIGNAWARD is Open.

Starting on April 15, The International ADESIGNAWARD is Open.

On April 15, the international ADESIGNAWARD will open for new entries, calling creative minds and outstanding designers from companies worldwide to enter their projects.

The ADESIGNAWARD is open for entries in graphic design, advertising, innovative campaigns, marketing, publicity, guerrilla campaigning, posters, identity designs and more. The graphic and visual communication design award category is geared toward all design and marketing professionals, from agencies to design offices and freelancers to companies. If you submit early, you can benefit from the First Bird, Earliest Bird or Early Bird rates which are significantly discounted. The ADESIGNAWARD promises fame, international recognition and publicity to all prospective winners. The ADESIGNAWARD differentiates itself with the high-caliber expert jury panel that breath design, the jury is composed of press members, academics and design professionals. All winners will be honored at the ADESIGNAWARD gala-night and award ceremony in Italy. Furthermore there will be a special exhibition as well as trophies, yearbooks and award certificates awaiting winners. Furthermore, the renowned a design competition provides a platform for up-and-coming designers as well as established freelancers to connect with further international design oriented audiences by translating their award winning works to over twenty languages. Earliest Bird Campaign 27-30 April (3 Days), Annual. Late Entry deadline is on February 28 of each year but is occasionally extended a week or so to allow last comers. Winner exhibition usually takes place in Italy, but is often ported to other countries around the world.


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