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The Architectural Index

The Architectural Index

ArchiExpo is the worlds largest index of architectural products, you can find the right product for your project, choose among hundreds of thousands of different products from tens of thousands of manufacturers.

In today’s world, when seeking information, products or market intelligence, you turn to the Internet. You can spend hours searching, comparing, turning in circles... It is time-consuming, complicated and the results are often unsatisfying. You might continue your search at a trade show. You meet with multiple suppliers before finally selecting the one that best meets your needs. The process costs time and money while only representing a small part of the total market. In response to the need for a simple way to source product information, ArchiExpo displays over 365,000 products from 7,500 international companies and provides access to nearly 36,000 product catalogs and 6,300 videos that cover the primary sectors of the architecture and design worlds: - construction, - tertiary buildings, - public spaces, - interior and exterior planning and outfitting, - design. ArchiExpo connects manufacturers and buyers on a global scale: - by presenting a comprehensive overview of the world market; - by staying on top of market trends; - by supplying a tool that is easy-to-use; - by allowing buyers to directly contact suppliers for the information they need. Visit ArchiExpo today to browse a list of outstanding design furniture, architectural products and components, learn more about product specifications, discover trends in interiors and architecture.




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Manufacturing and Processing Machinery Design

Entries Wanted for Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design Award

Business Card Design Awards

Outreach for Good Design

Costume Design Awards

Interior Design Competition

Product Design Competition

Awards Program for Design

Call for Exceptional Designs for Young Design Award

Award for Designers

Fashion Design Award

Call For Nominations To Interactive Product Design Award

Starting on April 15, The International ADESIGNAWARD is Open.

Monitor arm rewarded with quadruple product design awards

CEDA - International Consumer Electronics Design Awards





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