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Gain a Competitive Advantage With the ADESIGNAWARD

Gain a Competitive Advantage With the ADESIGNAWARD

Winning the A’ Design Award can provide significant amount of publicity, prestige and fame through international publicity, advertising and pr for designers.

No matter if you're a freelance designer, or an in-house professional trying to earn the respect and trust of senior management, consider entering the A’ Design Competition. Being recognized by the A’ Design Award & Competition will help build your confidence, professional reputation and credibility. There are thousands of different design award programs out there but none of them provides the PR push and publicity as A’ Design Award thanks to the coveted A’ Design Prize which includes unmatched tools for public relations. While there may be nominal costs associated with entering the A’ Design Award & Competitions, don't let it bother you. The potential return on investment and the equivalent publicity you would receive is definitely well worth the nomination fee. As a designer, you should consider entering A’ Design Award and Competition as a part of your personal branding as well as benchmarking. If you win the A’ Awards, you can not only attach "award-winning-design" graphic logo to your designs but also receive press release preparation and distribution, translation of your project description to twenty plus languages, access to special marketing tools, editorial placement at hundreds of press partners, physical exhibition in Italy, free invitation to join the gala-night and award ceremony, the beautiful trophy, outstanding design certificate, yearbook publication and of course fame, prestige and publicity. Learn more at Enter before you are too late.


A' Design Award


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