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Package Design Award

Package Design Award

International Packaging Design Awards (IPDA) is an annual design competition for brand owners, designers, retailers, manufacturers and packaging material suppliers to enter their best creative and intelligent packagings.

The International Packaging Design Awards (IPDA) is an annual design award recognizing the best package designs. The competition is organized for the following categories: Fresh Fish Packaging, Meat Packaging, Poultry Packaging, Fruits Packaging, Vegetables Packaging, Fresh Ready To Eat Dishes Packaging, Cereals Packaging, Bread Packaging, Pasta Packaging, Rice & Grain Packaging, Noodles Packaging, Frozen Food Packaging, Canned Food Packaging, Savory Snacks Packaging, Nuts Packaging, Snack Bars Packaging, Chips Packaging, Crackers Packaging, Dairy Packaging, Spices Packaging, Oils Packaging, Sauces Packaging, & Condiments Packaging, Milk Packaging, Cheese Packaging, Eggs Packaging, Yogurt Packaging, Butter Packaging, Oils Packaging, Vinegar Packaging, Spices Packaging, Condiments Packaging, Sauces Packaging, Sweet Snacks Packaging, Candy Packaging, Desserts Packaging, Ice Cream Packaging, Pastry Packaging, Cookies Packaging, Water Packaging, Juice Packaging, Soft Drinks Packaging, Tea Packaging, Coffee Packaging, Functional Beverages Packaging, Beer Packaging, Malt Beverages Packaging, Cider Packaging, Prepared Cocktails Packaging, Wine Packaging, Champagne Packaging, Vodka Packaging, Tequila Packaging, Gin Packaging, Rum Packaging, Scotch Packaging, Whisky Packaging, Brandy Packaging, Bourbon Packaging, Absinthe Packaging, Liqueurs Packaging, Health Care Packaging, Vitamins Packaging, Pharmaceuticals Packaging, Health Supplements Packaging, Beauty Packaging, Cosmetics Packaging, Personal Fragrance Packaging, Make-Up Packaging, Body Decoration Packaging, Skincare Packaging, Hand & Foot Care Packaging, Moisturizers Packaging, Hair Care Packaging, Sun Protection Packaging, Shaving Packaging, Clothing Packaging, Apparel Packaging, Accessories Packaging, Personal Care Packaging, Soaps Packaging, Deodorant Packaging, Dental Care Packaging, Hair Care Packaging, Toilet Paper & Tissues Packaging, Diapers Packaging, Feminine Hygiene Packaging, Personal Grooming Packaging, Detergents Packaging, Cleaning Products Packaging, Pet Food & Toys Packaging, Utensils Packaging, Garden Packaging, Home Improvement Packaging, Power Tools Packaging, Sports Products Packaging, Automobile Products Packaging, House Wares Packaging, Furniture Packaging, D├ęcor Packaging, Books Packaging, Office Supplies Packaging, Art Supplies Packaging, Games And Toys Packaging, Paper Packaging, Stationary Packaging, Shopping Bags Packaging, Gifting Packaging, Self-Promotional Pieces Packaging, Computers Packaging, Printers Packaging, Accessories Packaging, Software Packaging, Movies Packaging, Data Packaging, Entertainment Products Packaging and others. Enter your works at website before end of February each year (the package competition and award is annual). Entrants include manufacturers, product developers and designers from large international companies, from agencies and from small and medium sized enterprises, entries will be considered by an experienced jury panel. IPDA Package Awards are on the hunt to recognize and celebrate companies and designers who are imaginative, innovative and creative in producing packaging of the highest standards.


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