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Design Week Awards

Design Week Awards

If you are a designer or a design company, it is your chance to gain fame, prestige and international recognition through promotion of your best work or product, enter it to the international A-Prime Design Awards.

A’ Design Award and Competition, the worlds’ most diffused design accolades, were established to promote and advertise good designs. Entries are accepted from designers, artists, architects and corporations from all countries who take active part in creating design artifacts; concepts, projects and products. Award winners receive fame, prestige, credibility as well as international recognition. The A’ Design Awards are organized under 100 creative design categories. Every year best design projects, products and ideas are highlighted with the A’ Design Accolades. Laureates are invited to the exclusive design award gala-night and award ceremony in Italy and their works are both physically and digitally exhibited.Entries to the A’ Design Awards are judged by an expert internationally influential jury panel composed of 50 established designers, prominent scholars and important press members. Entries are blind-voted to ensure the maximum fairness and the jury decision is always final. Winning the A’ Design Award and Competition brings together many benefits, especially award winners will be able to use the “Award Winner Logo” in their communications and marketing, each winner will receive the trophy, the design excellence certificate and the annual yearbook of best designs. Most importantly, winners will receive a very special PR Campaign; award winning designs will be translated to 20+ languages, winners will get press release preparation and distribution services and the very best designs will be communicated to thousands of press members and publications worldwide.Winning the A’ Design Award brings fame, prestige, international awareness, credibility and recognition. Entries to the competition could be made online at before February 28, 2014. Previous award winning works are exhibited at and Interviews with the winners could be found at for a presentation of the accolades, visit


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