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International Idea Design Contest

International Idea Design Contest

Enter now or forever hold your design brilliance: Call for entries to the International Idea Design Contest is now open to designers, artists and architects worldwide.

A’ International Design Award & Competition is looking for entries from worldwide designers, artists and architects to award them with the prominent A’ Design Award. Entries to the idea design competition will be judged by an influential jury panel of 50 design scholars, professionals, entrepreneurs and press members. Entries will be blind voted to ensure fair competition. The A’ Design Award & Competition is accepting entries in more than hundred creative design disciplines. Each design category will be scored differently, based on the evaluation criteria determined by the advisory board. The competition is organized under three phases. The first phase will be free for everyone; by uploading their works to the award website, designers will be able to get a preliminary score for their entries. In the second phase, entrants will be required to complete their submissions by editing their entries following the detailed guidelines to remove any presentation biases that might affect the results. At the end of the second phase, entrants will be requested to nominate their works by paying the nomination processing fees. The third phase which includes award ceremony participation, the physical exhibition of works in Italy, the annual yearbook, the award ceremony and the PR Campaign, will be free for the laureates. To learn more about the accolades, interested parties could visit where a short presentation could be found; a more detailed presentation of the accolades are available at, previous award winners could be found at and interviews with the awarded designers are available at A’ Design Award & Competition, has become one of the world’s most diffused and largest design accolades, since the establishment of the program, over tens of thousand entries from hundreds of countries were received and highlighted as winners. Visit to see and compare past performance of countries in the A’ Design Accolades. Enter your works to the A’ Design Awards for fame, prestige, credibility and international recognition. Prospective participants have until February 28 midnight to enter their works to the competition. Entries are accepted online at Results will be announced on April 15th.


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