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Designer Competition

Designer Competition

The A' Design Award and Competition is looking for worldwide original concepts and innovative ideas from designers, artists and architects worldwide to honor them with fame, recognition, credibility and prestige.

A’ Design Award and Competition is pleased to invite architects, designers, and artists worldwide to take part in the International Annual Juried A’ Design Award and Competition. The competition is open to both concept stage and realized designs, smart and innovative products and projects. Entries will be judged by a 50-person internationally influential jury panel composed of established scholars, professional designers, and prominent press members. Entries to the accolades could be completed over A’ Design Awards website at, Previous winners could be seen at and an in-depth presentation of the accolades are available at A’ Design Award, is one of the worlds’ most diffused and largest design competitions organized in all creative design categories, in past years over thousands of entries from more than hundred countries were given the accolades. Winners of the A’ Design Award and Competitions receive, in addition to the special trophy, award certificate and the yearbook, an exceptional PR Campaign. Enter your works to compete for fame, prestige and recognition. The very best designs will be communicated to thousands of publications, translated to 20+ languages and will further receive press release preparation and distribution services as well as life-time logo licensing. You should enter as early as possible as the A’ Design Competition has 3 phases and it could take a while to complete your entry. The first phase, called preliminary evaluation is free. If your project receives a high score you are allowed to second phase in which you nominate your design by paying the processing fees, the third phase is your result announcement and PR campaign, this phase is also free of charge; you will get invited to the exclusive A’ Design Award gala-night ceremony and your works will be showcased in the A’ Design Awards’ exhibition in Italy.


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