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World Packaging Awards are on

World Packaging Awards are on

The biggest award for packaging is now accepting entries

Now you think you did a great packaging design? It protects, it attracts, it saves energy, resources and time, it looks good, or it is just different, appealing and lovely. The World’s most eminent professional awards for packaging design is now on and accepting entries worldwide. You should enter to showcase your works as well as to underline and highlight the quality of your packaging design, as a winner you will compete for international prestige and worldwide recognition to have your package to be noticed by some of the biggest packaging buyers and press in the world so that you could have a great opportunity to raise your profile and impress upcoming and current clients, as well as to have the opportunity to use the winner's logo on your own promotional material and differentiate yourself from your competitors, and if your pack is selected as a winner you could get award at the world class awards presentation ceremony and showcase together with a complimentary trophy and certificate to display for all your customers to see as well as a flag and logo to place on your products. You can submit to over hundred categories and get your packaging design featured worldwide. So how do you enter? It is simple, you just need to first get an account at and then upload your design, wait a few days to get a preliminary score if you wish or directly nominate your work yourself. Results are announced at world design days during April 15 and we will feature a selection of best packaging works here as well. So what are you waiting for? You need to be in now, registration is ongoing as of now, so do it right now, send your packaging design today.


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