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Make Your Design Business Grow

Make Your Design Business Grow

Get your best work in the awards to attract prospective clients, press members and design oriented audiences towards your design.

There are only a few hours left before your chance to enter, and maybe win otherwise the Design Awards is gone for another year. If you have finishing touches to add to your entry, you can do so during this period. If you haven’t even started your submission, there’s still time to make an entry and nominate it for design excellence! If you’re somewhere in between nomination and submission you will have time to perfect your submission and nominate it and afterwards you will want to put the finishing touches on your submission because your time to enter the Design Awards is running most likely running out. You have just enough time to start and finish your entry, or just make sure it’s good to go but perhaps the entry period might already be over or it might be reopened so it is a good idea to check right now A’ Design Award website at and to compete for design excellence. A’ Design Award was created so you don’t have to climb the ladder of traditional creative work environments or wait for a magic wand to find you or your work to be recognised, to get a spotlight on your work just enrol it to the design competition; compete to win the A’ Design Prize, get access to the design networking, connect with other talented professionals and get recognition for your work. The honour and recognition at stake is worth the hustle! Do you know other creatives with outstanding work? Forward this blog post to your colleagues and have them submit their best work as well! International designers are invited to present their communication, fashion, architectural and product design projects to have the chance to be recognized. Projects could be realized and not realized, all fields of design are accepted as long as it is good design.


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