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Designer Diet

Designer Diet

A Designer Diet you ask, a designer diet you will get! Learn this one simple rule to get back on your balance!

Disclaimer: This diet is not designed by a diabetition, it is designed by a designer, without any intervention of a diabetition, a doctor or anyone with the slightest medical background, so do not take it seriously and we especially do not accept any liability if you choose to follow it. Always consult a diabetition, the suggestions here cannot replace expert ideas. If you read this diet and take it on, you are the sole responsible of what would happen to yourself! That being said, you asked a designers diet and you get one, with the help of an economist friend it was discussed a fun approach to dieting, my economist friend says it is a matter of budget surplus and deficit, surplus is when you eat more than you can consume and deficit is when you eat less then you consume, ideally you would want to have a balanced budget, but of course we all know that many people out there has a huge budget surplus that they can no longer sustain! So, we need to create a deficit for a while until we could reach a balance. When you are fat, you are heavier and your body consumes more energy for moving, when you are thin, you are lighter and your body consumes less energy, it is like a country; small country, small budget required, big country big budget required, and of course it is the brains that consume the most of budget in any case! See what I did there?! Anyways, so, the designer diet, yes, you need to create a budget deficit and it is easy, there is a formula that works; increase calori consumption, decrease revenues; increase activity and movement to increase calori consumption and decrease amount of food you eat, to decrease the calori revenue, so now what my friend does is decrease calori consumption by 33% which is leaving 1 / 3rd of whatever he orders on plate (sure you can take it a way and consume later or give to a friend or a pet so no waste there!), and increase expenditure of calories by 33% by walking 1 hour extra each day. Since you make a change in both sides of equilibrium, this creates a very large effect; imagine initially you were quite fat and have 2700 intake and 2700 spending balanced but you still being fat, so now it would be 1800 intake and almost 3600 spending, so that would be like a huge, 100% budget deficit! That is sure to make you loose weight but of course always consult a true diabetion, our numbers would definetely not be correct, but you got the idea: the concept is by decreasing 33% the calori intake and increasing the expenditure 33% you got a 100% budget deficit, which makes more sense than anything you could imagine. Anyway, this is the vague idea of the Designers' Diet which we came up together with my economist friend; simply a budget deficit problem where we aim to create a deficit! Of course, to support this you should also drink a lot of water to fake your stomach being full as well as to have enough hydration and also you must eat healthy food; it is widely known (see my weasel talk skills there?) that junk food creates junk fat you cannot get rid of easily. Regardless, we truly wish you a healthy life, remember balance is the key, and if you need to increase or decrease your body weight, consider it as a budget issue (of calories and energy consumption; not the sort of budget for going to liposunction center or estatics saloon) and tackle it nicely. You will miserably fail like many governments do each year, since the brain will ask ask ask for more, but some of you will succeed, so good luck with that! The Designers' Diet or our suggestions is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, your dietician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding this matter. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this article! May the budget deficit be with you! Remember, the key of the Designer Diet is about spending more but earning less, anyone can do it right? Right?


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