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If you want to win at design you will want to start at the right design award.

If you want to win at design you will want to start at the right design award.

Your insider tip of the day is here, get tips from top design professionals on how to strike gold at design awards that could potentially lead you to a better path, be in to win.

Starting your submission to a design award is easy always; design something and submit, and of course you might fail like a king, or you might win like a boss, here is how to win the gold award, like a boss. First of all, join the right design award, there are many out there and most of them are just not good enough; you will want to join a grand design award, an international competition with good jury, such as the A' Design Award (pronounced a-prime design award), check them out at Second thing you wish to do is read the submission guidelines, especially the A' Design Award submission guidelines is like a book that teaches you how to make the presentation right to get the most points from the jury, ain't it sweet! Join A' Design Award early, doing so benefits you because you can get complimentary preliminary score for your work. In most competitions you need to pick the right category or you fail big, at A' Design Award, if you choose the wrong category, the preliminary jury will simply put it to the right category where your work would get the highest evaluation, that is really nice of them, consider that many other competitions would not check any such details. Finally you need to be strategic, about the choice of images you provide but at A' Awards you can just upload images and get some jury feedback and update images if required, also you can submit further images to support your entry. Your wording and explanation is important, jurors are seeing thousands of entries each year, so they need to get a quick, succinct narrative of your project by reading your description. Carefully select the very best photos or images that best represent your project, indeed if possible work with a professional photographer or renderer. Quality is important and wins over quantity most of time however some times details do matter and additional shots would be relevant and category pages might explain what type of images might be required.


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