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Design Awards

Design Awards

Learn about the upcoming design award and the design award event where grand and good designs from worldwide are celebrated.

The A' International Design Awards will be taking place again this year. These awards aim to showcase and celebrate the very best in design worldwide. Design continue to be highly valued and of key significance to the standing and reputation of companies and our institutions; good designs continue to demonstrate their value through both user-friendliness and commercial demand, the important part that good design helps differentiate products by different companies. The A' International Design Awards offer a unique opportunity to recognise high quality, innovative design which delivers exceptional performance. Timing: A formal call for nominations has already taken place but there is still time to submit nominations. The panel of judges will carefully evaluate all submissions and shortlist a select group of designs to consider for award. A Design Awards event that consists of a black-tie award ceremony and exhibition will take place and the winner will be announced at the event.  Criteria and eligibility : To be eligible for consideration, designs will have been completed within the last ten years..  All types of designs will be eligible. Submissions should include high-resolution images for use in the Design Awards Event as well as for the yearbook. Detailed design award evaluation criteria will be circulated with the call for nominations. The broad themes to be considered are: efficiency, futurism, interface, packaging, graphic design, spatial design, architecture, interior design, product design and design strategy. In evaluation of the criteria, judges will consider the entries from multiple diverse perspectives. Learn more at



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