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Internet of Things Award – IoT Awards

Internet of Things Award – IoT Awards

Award for Internet of Things products, projects and services awaits the best IoT design entries.

The award is for mobile products, systems and services that make the internet of things. Products that advance intelligent communication between everyday objects through mobile, local or global network connectivity are highlighted, recognized and promoted. The following are type of categories that are open for entries: health and healthcare, vehicles, automobile and mobility, mobile payments and processes, education, e-learning, hospitality, automation, leisure and guidance projects. Participation is open to all companies from all the world that produce IoT products that make the world a better place with their original design, innovation, technology and style. The deadline for entries is on end of February and the short list is communicated to participants only and results are announced on April. The IoT awards is looking forward for the grand designs and products that would be awarded. IoT awards is a sub category of the A’ Design Award, as part of the Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software category as well as Digital and Electronic devices category. IoT hardware should be submitted to Digital and Electronic devices category, and IoT software to the Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software category but when IoT system has both software and hardware combined, please nominate to Meta, Strategic and Service design category or any other category that your products seem to fit. Apply through website today.


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