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Marketing Design Awards

Marketing Design Awards

Brand marketing agencies, design consultancies and practices, creative agencies, in-house design teams and manufacturers worldwide are invited to enter their best marketing works to the Marketing Design Awards.

The Marketing Design Awards aim to recognize industrial, graphic, packaging, service and advertising design that significantly help marketers seeking to build their brands in an extraordinarily tough climate through design. The Marketing Design Accolades are open to campaigns and projects that relate to Promotion, Marketing and Advertising worldwide. The Marketing Design Awards (MDA) stand for excellence in media marketing and speaks to every part of the business from promotion to graphics communication and industrial design to branding and interactive. Categories include but not limited to: Cross Media Campaign, Books and Booklets, Direct Mails, Website Designs, Printed Marketing Collateral, Designs for Social Media, Identity Works, Re-branding, Packaging, Product Launch, Retail Design and others.The very best designs can effect real change and help build brands and businesses; the Design Marketing Awards therefore celebrates design work that’s engaging, memorable and effective at moving the viewer toward action or a purchase decision. The design awards for marketing were established to celebrate the very best examples of both industrial and graphic design excellence which improves product sales, brand awareness and turnover. It is not easy to win a Design Marketing Award, but for those who survive our comprehensive judging process, and the free preliminary evaluation phase, a series of powerful tools await to help broadcast your success such as free press release preparation, distribution and communication to thousands of blogs. Design Marketing Accolades give great companies the recognition they deserve. Apply through by preparing a good presentation. The winners will set the new benchmark for design marketing excellence and inspire others to strive for and demand brilliant design.


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