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Young Design Award

Young Design Award

There are many student design contests and competitions, but the Young Design Award is different.

Since its establishment, A' Design Award and Competition has been deeply committed to promoting young design talents from all countries and in all disciplines. To help promotion of Young Designers, a special award category was established called the Young Design Awards, which is aimed to support young design talents from all over the world. The A' Design Award aims to create a positive relationships between young designers and business and industry by providing necessary tools to make it easy for the young designers, business and industry to come together. Whether you’re still studying a design degree or have recently graduated, you can take advantage of the opportunity A' Design Award offers you to make essential contacts to other talented designers, press members, design enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from across the globe. The A' Design Award for young designers is not free unlike other student competitions or contests, since at A' Design Award, student or young participants are treated the same with professional entrants and large enterprises, plus young designers as well as other participants do not loose the right to their designs by sending their work, to remind you that other student design contests might legally takeover your ideas, and you should know that is a huge issue and A' Design Awards is against spec competitions, and while entry is not free, there are significant discounts for young designers as well as possible sponsored participation methods and award entry scholarships such as the Design Ambassador Program. Enterprises are always looking for new ideas for their future products, and new minds for their future design teams, take part in A' Design Awards today.


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If you want to win at design you will want to start at the right design award.

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