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Design Contest Problems

Design Contest Problems

Not all design contests are the same, and unfortunately most of them are perhaps not worthy of your time.

There are many design awards and competitions organized each year, most of them offering nothing but a title, which is often worthless, some offer money but usually a little bit of money the sort that you tip a beggar, in exchange for your valuable ideas, some others offer you a trophy, but it does not come free, they actually sell it, some sell the whole awards for example if you do not attend the gala you cannot be a victor, while there also exists design competitions that outright steal your idea, then there are those competitions that ask you to contribute to expenses only after you know you win, or perhaps is it losing if you need to pay money after you are told you are a winner? So what to do? You need to avoid these so called contests for sure, but you should also know of the alternatives. I will write it out right, there are two options for you, if you want to join a really good design award that respect you and your work you must join a government organized design award, at country level, not at city level, and of course we hope that there are no politics involved when choosing the winners, alternatively if you wish to join a really large international design awards, you can go for the A' Design Award and Competition. The A' Design Award and Competition takes some serious steps to avoid the sour moments, for instance they have a no further fees policy, meaning that award winners are not asked to pay anything else to claim their award status, if you win, you win period. Furthermore they have a page that explains the risks of taking part in design competitions as well as the steps they take to avoid them, for instance they have some proprietary technologies and entry methods to ensure your designs could be protected, and they have developed in house tools and guidelines to ensure you get the most out of your participation. Check their website and methodology section at to learn more. Some reasons for example I could note why it is safer to join the A' Design Award would be the preliminary checks as well as the jury non-disclosure agreement that protects your works, but they have many other points.


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