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Best PR and Publicity for Design

Best PR and Publicity for Design

Joining A Design Award can be the most efficient solution for getting the highest publicity and reach for your good design.

Mark the good design in subtitle; it does not work for medicore or okay design, only for good design and you can learn right now if your design is good. Head over to register and upload your design, ensuring that it fits the presentation guidelines and editorial guidelines, and then wait so that your design could be reviewed and a score assigned to it. If your score is high, then your design is likely good and you can use this tactic to get the highest public relation and pr for your design. Basically you will nominate your good design to A' Design Award and compete for the A' Design Prize which is a coveted publicity kit for good design, it includes but not limited to gala night participation, hardcover yearbook publication, press kit preparation, press release preparation, press release distribution, press kit distribution, pr campaign, article dissemination, award winner logo lease, winner trophy, winner certificate, design ranking inclusion, design award participation and many other great products and services to provide your work the most publicity, furthermore there is a document called winners manual, which is valuable on its own as it gives you a list of todo or tofollow items to ensure you get the most of your design award victory, my very own estimate is that by winning a design award award you would almost get a free pr agency working for you, and by following the manual for design award winner guidelines you would indeed become an experienced marketer and promoter of your designs, reaching new audiences, press members and prospective customers.


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