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Mitigating Design Award Risks

Mitigating Design Award Risks

How A Design Award made Design Competitions Safer and Participant Friendlier

When you join a design competition, there are several risks that you face as a designer, these risks can be big, such as the fact that you might loose the rights to your design (observed mostly in free competitions), or you might have agreed to pay fees to the organizer if you win (that is really silly, but there are some design awards that ask you to pay more money if you win). In addition to these simple risks, there are some other risks that are very rarely addressed by other design competitions, one of such risk is that when you nominate a concept design without patenting it, after the competition conclusion you might loose the ability to patent your work since it is not possible to patent products that are published, to address this issue the international A' Design Award and Competition, has created a concealed entry method that does not publish the award winning work, this way your concept ideas do not loose their right to be patented after results announcement, and your work would be kept secret until you would decide to make it public, this is further relevant in cases for instance if you develop some designs for exclusive clients who do not wish to advertise their work. A further risk reduction technique by A' Design Award is to limit works that would potentially infringe the copyright or trademark rights of third parties, A' Design Award tries to filter out such works and thus effectively reduces your chances of getting sued by third parties by unintentional copyright infringements such as using stock images or people photos without consent. You might check their risks page to learn more about what is being done to provide you a more comfortable design competition experience.


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