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Test Your Design

Test Your Design

Get a rating score for your design from zero to ten to see how good it is compared to other designs worldwide.

Did you know that you could learn how good your design is free of charge? One way to do so is to submit your design to A' Design Award and Competition. The submission process is different from nomination, and it is free of charge. After submission you will get a score for your design which is called a preliminary score, this score is rated from zero to ten, is actually designed to help you understand your odds of getting an award with your design based on the preliminary jury votes, but you can of course use this complimentary service to learn how good your design is, free of charge. So how do you do it? Head over to and register to A' Design Award, login and upload your design. You need to download the presentation guidelines to potentially increase your score, the presentation guidelines is a very beneficial document that explains how to present your design in a perfect way to impress press members and jury alike, indeed just by following the presentation guidelines you could potentially increase the presentation of your design in a way to help your audiences to understand and evaluate your works better. Every time you update your design it will be re-queued for the preliminary jury to check it, and you shall receive an update by email about its score, the score for a design changes very little with presentation for example a good design could go from seven to eight with a much better presentation but it is not possible to have a bad design go from zero to four with a good presentation; unless your initial presentation is so terrible that the jury had not understand your work initially, but at A' Design Award, if the jury does not understand your design, you usually get an email saying that the presentation needs improvement before a score could be assigned, this bureaucracy is actually your friend as it aims to ensure that your design would be voted fair and square, without any presentation biases. So, in the end, you submit your design with a good presentation and with your good presentation the jury understands it correctly, and gives you a reliable score. If your score is really good, you might as well go for it and nominate your design for the award, if your score is not so good, you should work harder and indeed you would receive an email not to nominate your work.


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