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Architectural Design Competitions

Architectural Design Competitions

Become a part of the worlds most prestigious design competition and get fame and recognition throughout the world.

Become a part of the world's most prestigious design competition and get fame and recognition throughout the world. Architects around the world can showcase their talent and become a part of A' Design Award & Competition. This competition is a huge platform for designers from all fields. The designers and architects can enter the competition by registering for free. The participants can then upload their work on the A' Design Award & Competition's website and the final step is to nominate their best work. Why is Publicity Important for Architects? There are thousands of architects that have the talent to be appreciated but they go unnoticed. A' Design Award & Competition is one such platform that promotes the best designs, architectural designs, and design firms. The architects that showcase their designs in the competition get a lot of publicity through magazines, newspapers, press, media, and much more. Publicity is extremely essential for architects that are not recognized. It allows these designers to get recognition throughout the world. The immense publicity that these designers get through the competition provides them with great opportunities for their future. Countless Benefits for Winners: A' Design Award & Competition provides designers and architects a chance to get famous. The jury of the competition comprises of experts and professionals from the design fields that choose the best designs. The guests in the competition are mostly people from media, big design firms, and other influential people. The winning designs not only get a place in the competition's year book but also get complete media coverage that is shown throughout the world. The designers that win the competition are advertised on traditional media platforms, online media, and search engines. The designs also reach the influential people and companies looking for designers. Whoever wins this prestigious award becomes the highlight on different media channels.


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