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Interior Design Awards

Interior Design Awards

The Interior Design Competition is for architects and architectural design studio owners

If your line of work is architecture and interior design, then the A' Interior Design Competition was created with you in mind. It is a freestyle design competition on A’ Design where an interior designer or architect can enter their creations. Imagine entering such an international competition and actually winning it. It’s like placing a sign under your name that says “World’s Best Interior Designer”! Well, it’s not such a far-fetched idea because the winners of the A' Interior Design Competition will have so much exposure that they will be known all over the world. A’ Design actually selects its winners based on certain criteria and a judging panel. After the judges have made a decision, the selected designs are shown to a focus panel to give their unbiased opinion. Following that, the winners get a package that is every interior designer’s dream! Beside the 3D trophy that you can place in your office, you also get your design published in the A’ Design booklet which is distributed to all major design companies in the world. Your winning design and your name also get a lot of press coverage through print and online media. All of this exposure is not just prestige for you and your social standing; it is actually your ticket to advancing your career even further. Not only will A’ Design do everything in their power to get your exposed, but they will also introduce you to the makers and breakers in the interior design industry. Such an introduction can do wonders to your career. Basically, there is nothing left for you to do than to go to A’ Design’s website right now and select your category for the competition you’d like to enter. If you want more information, look up the rules, the awards, and prizes. Browse through the site and remember, if you enter the competition for the A' Interior Design, you won’t have anything to lose by trying.


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