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Entries sought for the Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award

Entries sought for the Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award

Recognizing the design innovation in Yachts, Watercraft, Ships, Boats, Hovercraft, Submarines and more

Marine vessels and yachts come in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest dinghy to the largest luxury yacht, and other than floating on bodies of water would seem to have little on common. However, material and technological advances have effected all aspects of marine construction, bringing advances in performance and efficiency throughout the market. There is a wealth of new technology including hybrid drivetrains, sustainable energy production through wind and sea generators or solar panels driving the industry forward. Additionally, material advances including new carbon fiber construction and new ways to make use of those materials are creating new levels of performance right across the spectrum of marine vehicles. New designs with lower environmental impact, higher performance, improved ease of use or other advances not only result in better products, but bring new life to the industry itself and gain interest from a new consumers who are attracted to one of these facets. The Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award exists to honor those innovative designers who contribute to the expansion of the industry as a whole and create products that bring enjoyment, empowerment or employment to customers the world over. Winners of the Yacht and Marine Vessels Design Award gain much more than the attractive trophy of course, with a winner’s package developed to provide maximum exposure for the creator and the design itself, it is gateway to global publicity and career advancement. The package includes a wealth of services, with marketing advice available to ensure that the winner is able to maximize the potential of this opportunity. Content published through a syndicated magazine system meaning over 100 different magazines featuring the design, a full PR campaign, created and distributed globally, as well as a place in the winner’s design book are just some of the benefits. A proof of creation certificate and a physical exhibition of designs also add to the opportunity, and the package contains even more benefits throughout. Submissions are now open with further details about the award itself and the design process available from Float to the top of the industry by submitting your designs today.


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