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Best Design Awards

Best Design Awards

Best Design Awards are those that truly create value for the participating works; submit your best designs, architecture, spatial design and industrial products to the Best Design Awards : A-Prime Design Competition.

A’ Design Award and Competition is an annual international juried design competition and showcase of excellence in industrial, visual, spatial, interactive and strategic design. A’ Design Awards are organized under hundreds of different creative categories, seeking the very best talent, innovative and outperforming works, products and projects in each category. Entries to the A’ Design Competition is judged by a grand jury panel composed of academics, professionals and press members who blind-vote on the designs to ensure fairness. Entries must pass a free preliminary elimination phase to ensure eligibility and allowance to the competition. A’ Design Award Laureates receive a special PR campaign, and a grand winners’ kit composed of the 3D printed award trophy, metal framed certificate, hardcover yearbook and other merchandise such as the A2 poster of the award winning entry. Awarded projects are provided press release preparation and distribution services, translated to 20+ languages for international diffusion, communicated to thousands of magazines and a special press-pack is provided for each winner consisting of design interviews, additional high-resolution images and editorial images. Each winner is invited to the A’ Design Award Gala-Night and Award Ceremony in Italy, and each winning work is provided space in the A’ Design Awards’ Winner Exhibition in Italy. Award winning works are granted a life-time licensing of the award winner logo. A’ Design Award actively manages the World Design Rankings as one of the largest, most diffused and important international design accolades. A’ Design Award & Competition is a synthetically developed design accolades upon careful consideration of nine-hundred other design awards, competitions and contests; the A’ Design Competition was conceived to create value for participants and the society. A’ Design Award and Competition promises fame, prestige, recognition and international awareness to the very best designs. The aim of the A’ Design Awards is to create dissemination, PR push and advertisement opportunities for award winners to support the global design culture, creating incentives for entrants to come up with superior designs for a better future. Learn more and submit your works from


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