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Call for entries to the Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award

Call for entries to the Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award

Recognizing design innovation in Landscape Architecture, Outdoor Designs, Gardens, Small and Large scale Landscape Projects and more

As we become more aware of the fragility of the world around us, the value we place on the outdoor spaces we use, both public and private, is increasing. We are also beginning to understand the importance of successful design for these spaces, to maximize the utility without impacting the beauty, whether they are entirely man made or built around natural spaces. Innovation and forward thinking in the design is crucial if we are to create spaces that can be utilized and sustainability, and here we see the value of the professional and young landscape designers, architects, architecture studios and urban planners who literally shape the world around us with their designs. Whilst we all want the ability to enjoy the nature around us, it has become clear that we also need to ensure that we preserve it, and as a result, making our outside spaces sustainable is becoming an ever more important focus of any design. Innovation in design here can provide not only sustainability, but ease of maintenance that promotes use and furthers our affinity with the world outside. Winners of the Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award receive a fantastic package that not only includes are rather nice trophy, but a package of benefits that will help the designer, whether they are landscape designers, architects, architecture studios or urban planners, to really get the exposure their design talents deserve. The winner’s package includes a professional PR campaign, including the distribution as well as creation of a full press release, syndicated magazine content that is published in over 100 magazines right across the globe, and a comprehensive marketing campaign that enables the winners to take full advantage of the exposure they get from winning the award. With proof of creation certificate included, as well as a winner’s design book and invitations to prime clubs as well as a host of other benefits, the winner’s package is a real opportunity for the winner to gain global recognition for their work. Submissions for the Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award are now open, and any designer who wishes to gain the amazing benefits afforded to the winners should submit their best designs today.


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