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Entries sought for the Banking and Finance Instruments Design Award

Entries sought for the Banking and Finance Instruments Design Award

Rewarding innovative design in Financial Products, Financial Services, Banking Instruments, Innovative Services and More

The banking industry has seen many changes over the last decade, in difficult markets it has required constant innovation and creative thinking to produce products and services that offer value to both the financial institution and the customers. This advancement has seen a wave of new products and services, and in a low interest environment have brought the required performance for both customers and financial instruments despite the prevailing situation. This is a globally recognized award for worldwide financial actors that seeks to honor outstanding design, innovative ideas and new product creation. Fierce competition has brought out the very best in designers and created the products and services that really push the limits of design. The Banking and Finance Instruments Design Award is seeking the pinnacle of design for Financial Products, Financial Services, Banking Instruments, Innovative Services and more to celebrate these achievements in design. Winning the competition brings with it a trophy of course, but it is the fantastic winner’s package that really brings something to the winners. This winner’s package includes an extensive global PR Campaign that features press release preparation and distribution and a Newsletter announcement, a Trophy, Content Syndication to over 100 magazines, a physical exhibition of selected products, proof of creation documents and sales lists for winning designs, winners have everything they need for success. Invitations to prime clubs and marketing advice are other parts of the winners package, and with still more benefits as well, it’s an award that and designer would want to win. Submissions are now open for this globally recognized Banking and Finance Instruments Design Award, and for those in the industry seeking to gain maximum exposure for their innovation and design excellence. Full details of the award itself and the submission process can be found on For financial industry designers, the only option is to get those submissions in today.


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