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Call for entry for the Contact Center Design Award

Call for entry for the Contact Center Design Award

Recognizing sales center, customer support and contact center design

The internet has changed the world, it has gone from a niche idea to a necessity for daily life in just thirty years, and as it has grown and become more accessible it has gained in popularity and usefulness. The biggest change that this technology has brought is perhaps that of communication. We now demand communication, constantly and instantly about almost everything. We can talk to friends and build communities that are spread across the world and communicate wherever we are and whatever time of day it is. This idea has also transferred into the business world, where customers now expect levels of communication and service way beyond what was possible 30 years ago. Social media has given a direct line of communication to many organizations and individuals, and if people are unhappy about a product or service they are going to let someone know about it right there and then. As such, the way companies handle communication with customers and others has had to change with expectations, and here innovative design has really made a difference in the way sales centers, customer support teams and contact centers function and interact with customers and others. The A' Sales, Contact Center and Customer Service Design Competition is to honor those who bring that innovative approach and new thinking to the field, to recognize the design talent involved in the industry and reward the very best. The winner’s package brings huge benefit to any project, with global publicity from a full, professional PR campaign as well as exposure through syndicated magazine articles that will feature in over 100 different magazines reaching everywhere right across the world. In addition the winners will receive marketing advice, invitations to prime clubs and proof of creation documents, along with sales lists and of course, it wouldn't be an award without a trophy. The global exposure provided along with the marketing advice to find the best strategy for capitalizing on it mean that this is an award worth winning for any designer or business, the benefits really do make it worthwhile. Submissions are now being accepted, with full details available at Submit today to grab that amazing winner’s package.


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