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Entries are being sought for the Chemical Products and Consumables Design Award

Entries are being sought for the Chemical Products and Consumables Design Award

Recognizing designers of Detergents, Soaps, Fuel Additives, Dishwashing Liquids and other chemical products that show innovation and excellence.

There are many things we take for granted in our everyday lives that exemplify the excellence of design that makes a product that works without attracting attention. One such area is that of the chemical products and consumables, our detergents, soaps, fuel additives, dishwashing liquids and so on. These are things we use every day but barely give a second though precisely because of good design. If the design were not as good as it should be, using these things would not be just ‘a chore’, but something we dislike doing because of the product itself. When was the last time you thought about your bar of soap, the detergent you place in your washer? It is just there and it works, the hallmark of design excellence. This is where the Chemical Products and Consumables Design Award comes in, created to honor the designers, chemical product manufacturers, and consumable producers who create these products that do so much for us without us thinking too much about it. Innovation and design excellence abound here, but because the focus is on making these products largely unobtrusive, it is something many never give a second though. We celebrate great design in everything, and are looking for submissions for this competition right now, entry information and more details can be found at Winners of this award are very well rewarded, a great trophy of course, but also a wonderful promotional package that ensures those winning designs get the global exposure they deserve. Starting with a professional PR campaign that includes press release creation and distribution, moving to syndicated magazine content that appears in over 100 magazines worldwide, through a physical exhibition of the winning designs, it has it all. Additionally, comprehensive marketing advice is given to ensure that all this exposure can be capitalized on to give the design the best chance possible in the global market. Submissions are open now, and for anyone involved in the industry, with a winner’s prize like this, there is no need to wait around, get that design entry in today.


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