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Entries are being sought for the Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award

Entries are being sought for the Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award

Recognizing excellence in design for safety wear and personal protection

The world is in constant motion, and almost everything in our lives changes as the years pass. Attitudes to safety at work and during other activities is certainly one of those, with equipment designed to minimize risk and protect against foreseeable eventualities being far more prevalent today than even thirty years ago. Whilst part of these can be attributed to the realization of risk more than previously as well as the legal focus on responsibility, design has also helped to transition to the current situation. New designs and innovation has allowed protection equipment to become less intrusive, allowing greater protection without impacting the job or activity being undertaken too much. This has made the protection/inconvenience ratio more focused towards protection and has gone a long way in providing incentive for users to wear the equipment. The innovations in ideas have been boosted by the innovations in materials and construction, using the technological advances in these areas to create a safer environment for everyone. This is why the Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award exists, not only to honor and recognize the innovators and creators who are helping us to be safer in our day to day lives, but to reward the winners with an exceptional package that will enable those winning designs to garner exposure across the world through this globally recognized award competition. Comprising of a trophy, a comprehensive PR campaign including press release creation and distribution worldwide and professional marketing advice that will enable the winner to take full advantage of that exposure, this winning prize presents a great opportunity for any professional or young designer, design studio, and design oriented manufacturers and the creative industry worldwide. Magazine content syndicated to over 100 magazines around the world along with physical exhibition for the winners and invitations to prime clubs are other entries into a long list of benefits. The Safety Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment Design Award is currently accepting submissions, with full details available on


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