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Entries sought for the Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award

Entries sought for the Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award

Recognizing the designers of Football Boots, Soccer Cleats, Flying Discs, Balls, Weights, Sports Equipment and more

As we shift to an ever more sedentary working life for the majority of people, the awareness of the need to find other sources of exercise and active endeavors to fit into our lives has grown. Most of us know that we need to find things to do in our free time that get us active, moving and as a result healthier. As many people find however, knowing this and implementing it are two different things, often being put off by the nature of the activity, equipment, or even the clothes. This is why this award exists, to honor those at the forefront of sports, entertainment and recreational equipment design, whose vision and innovation can not only make it easier for us to take part in activities that go a long way to maintaining our health, but can inspire us to join in at all. A clever design can be the difference between being motivated and not, to looking forward to an activity and staying in bed instead, and this is what the winners of the Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award represent. The winners receive a trophy of course, but also a fantastic winner’s package that can bring the winners of this globally recognized award some international exposure. Winners receive a package of various services that help them to gain exposure for their award winning designs, and professional marketing advice to ensure they follow the best path to take full advantage of it. With content syndicated through over 100 magazines, invitations to prime clubs and a physical exhibition of winners, there is no shortage of ways to get their brand noticed. In tandem a full PR campaign including press release creation and distribution further spreads the word about the winning designs and those behind them. Whether a young designer, design studio, or design oriented manufacturers, along with the creative industry worldwide, the Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design Award brings extraordinary benefits to the winners, and with submissions open right now, there is no better time than today. Full details are available on Win the race and submit your entry today.


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