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Call for entries into the Cyber Design Award

Call for entries into the Cyber Design Award

Prosthetic design award now open for entries

Modern computer and material technologies have brought many innovations and changes to our lives, from mobile communications to transport, but none has been more dramatic, nor had such a life altering effect for users, as the advances made within prosthetics, cybernetics and bio-engineering in the last two decades. Innovative use of new materials combined with technology that allows designs to accurately recreate movement from the natural world has seen radical changes in the performance expectations of modern prosthetics. Meanwhile, technological advancement means cybernetics is no longer in the realm of science fiction, and real help for real people is now possible where even 30 years ago there would be no hope of change. The A' Cybernetics, Prosthesis and Bio-Engineering Design Award seeks to honor those at the cutting edge of this design world, creating not only solutions that the majority of us can look at with admiration and wonder, but that truly change the lives of those who use them. The winners can take full advantage of an extensive PR Campaign, Newsletter announcement and article syndication to over 100 magazines providing a high level of exposure right around the world. Additionally, a physical exhibition of selected products, proof of creation documents and sales lists for winning designs. This creates a comprehensive winner’s package, with several other benefits included as well, that combined with professional marketing guidance gives winning designers the platform to launch from. Invitations to prime clubs ensure that those designs and designers can make the contacts then need to succeed. A global award that can bring attention to any project in every market is something every designer dreams of, and with entries currently being requested for The A' Cybernetics, Prosthesis and Bio-Engineering Design Award, the time to submit is now. Full details of the submission and award process are available on These designs are changing people’s lives so submit your entry today and let the world know.


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