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Call for entries to the Mobile Technology Design Awards

Call for entries to the Mobile Technology Design Awards

Mobile technology awards are looking for entries

If there is one thing that has changed beyond recognition in the last decade, it is the mobile technology we use daily. Whether it is the devices themselves and how we interact with them, the technology within that brings high speed connectivity wherever we are or the software that allows such a wide variety of uses that were once only found in science fiction, the possibilities are endless. Whilst technological advances have made all of this possible, it is the design expertise that has placed it all in usable form that has enabled such wide adoption right across all demographics in society. This combination of outstanding design and advancing technology has changed not just the mobile market, but the way we interact with the world and each other. It could easily be argued that it is perhaps the most influential change in our world of the new century in fact. It is because of this that the A' Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award was created, to honor those at the cutting edge of this incredibly important and influential sector of design, and of course those that win will receive some spectacular benefits from doing so. Winning The Mobile Technologies, Applications and Software Design Award provides access to an extensive, professional PR campaign that includes both the preparation and distribution of press releases, magazine content released to a syndicate of over 100 magazines right around the world and sales lists for the winning designs. Additionally, winners of course receive the obligatory trophy, along with proof of creating documentation and comprehensive marketing advice. A physical winner’s exhibition and invitations to prime clubs are another benefit that will enable the winning designs to be promoted globally. Such global exposure is priceless for any designer, and with submissions now open on If you are involved in the mobile industry, submit your entries today and be a part of this fantastic global competition.


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