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Call For Design Awards For Website And Web Design

Call For Design Awards For Website And Web Design

Calling for nominations for A' Design Website And Web Design Awards

The A’ Design Website and Web Design Award is open to nominations for websites, cloud based software, online applications, web pages, widgets and applets that are made by professionals, companies and web studios across the world. The A’ Design award is the benchmark for quality and design excellence. This award comes with worldwide recognition and has grabbed the attention of interested companies and groups. If you will win the A’ Design award, it may prove to be an important breakthrough in your career, as you may achieve increased sales or land in a high profile job. The best part about winning A’ Design award is that the winners are given widespread promotion as their designs appear in the A’ best designs yearbook. The winning designs are exhibited in our exhibition at Italy and the best designs will be showcased in our exhibition using special digital paraphernalia. The jury is composed of people in academia (such as professors and faculty heads) as well as in the professional world (such as the CEOs of the companies). Additionally, the competition invite votes from focus group in order to eliminate bias. Top 3 benefits: 1. The winning designs are featured in the A’ Design yearly book, which in turn helps in increasing exposure to the relevant companies and groups. 2. The winning designs are showcased in front of the interested companies, which helps the users to obtain high-profile jobs. Some winners also get the opportunity to obtain support and get mentored by the leaders in the field. 3. The winning designs will get a certificate of quality that is a proof of quality. Items to be submitted : The submissions for web designs are judged on the basis of the demo and the images that you send. The content is also scrutinized. In case you want that your winning design to be featured at our exhibition in Italy, you must send in a video too. This video can be sent once you’ve received the award. In the application you must include the purpose, targeted demographics, what are the objectives, technical features and special features if any.


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