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Fame, Prestige, Recognition and Publicity for Designers

Fame, Prestige, Recognition and Publicity for Designers

Submit your works for Fame, Prestige, Recognition and Publicity: Join the International A-Prime Design Award and Competition with your best designs, projects, prototypes and products.

Entries are now open for the International Juried A’ Design Awards and Competitions in more than hundred creative categories. Designers, artists, architects and companies are expected submit their works, projects and products before February 28. Entries to the award will be judged by an experienced jury panel; the A’ Design Award Jury is composed of academics, press members, and design professionals who have demonstrated their experience and excellence through their careers. The awards have been organized since 2010 and there had been more than tens of thousands of entries, and more than thousands of winner projects from almost all countries in the world. Every year, award winners are invited to take part in the Gala-Night and Award Ceremony in Italy, and their works are exhibited in a grand design show. Winners of the design accolades also receive the unique, 3D printed metal award trophy, a hardcover edition of the yearbook, and the award certificate, as well as a series of public relation services to celebrate winners which include project translations to 30+ languages, press release preparation and distribution and others.Submissions can be made online at and a presentation of the design accolades are available at If you are searching for design inspiration, visit the which showcases prior award winning design works.

February 28


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