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Call For Good Designs To Strategic Design Awards

Call For Good Designs To Strategic Design Awards

If you are a strategic designer, why not submit an entry to win one of the most prestigious and internationally recognized awards from A Design Award.

Strategic designs redefine how problems can be approached and it also identifies new opportunities for actions that can be taken. Basically, strategic designs deliver resilient and more complete solutions. This kind of approach works best when a design principle is integrated within organizations which helps create new opportunities for everyone within the organization. It helps designers move to integrated positions which are embedded within government sectors and other organizations. With so many talented strategic designers around the world, it is a good idea to have a separate award category for them. A Design Award brings a strategic design award category that is meant to honor and recognize talented strategic designers. Although this award category is a concealed category, there is a range of benefits that winners can take. The competition is open for strategic designers from around the world so anyone who believes has the best designs can submit an application and try their luck. The A Design Award is recognized internationally so anyone winning an award will also gain international recognition. Just like some of the other concealed categories, the strategic design award category considers the ideas behind a product and not the final product or service. This includes the design of how interaction will take place between the clients, how consumers will be considered, design of the platform, etc. Anyone who has innovative and new business models can also submit their entry here. The requirements of submitting an entry is simple. You must submit a PDF file that provides a detailed explanation of the design. With each entry, there must be an accompanying photographic cover or illustration. Further details must be conveyed through additional images. More information about the submission guidelines can be found on the A Design Award website. To win an internationally recognized prize, why not submit an entry today. There are many benefits of entering this competition and you can also improve your chances of becoming more successful if you come out as a winner.


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