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Methods and Strategies Design Awards Call For Entries

Methods and Strategies Design Awards Call For Entries

A Design Award is calling all designers of methods, techniques and strategies from around the world to submit their top designs.

Methods, strategies and techniques include technologies, know-how, trade secrets and strategy designs which must be kept confidential for at least three years. A Design Award has introduced a concealed award category for methods, techniques and strategies that is now open for submissions. Any individual or company that has outstanding and unique designs that they don’t want to make public can submit their entries to A Design Awards for Methods and Strategies Design Awards. If you are looking to submit your entry and win a prize, it is important to visit for more information about their terms and conditions of participating. When you make a submission, your entry will be visible after three years. But, if you want to make your entry visible earlier, then you can do so by changing the category of your entry. Because of the nature of this award category, you will not receive services that will make your designs publicly visible. You will not be eligible to receive benefits such as yearbook participation, pr-distribution, press releases, exhibition participation, etc. Information that could be visible to the public includes category name, project name, designer name, thumbnail image and primary function. Entries for Methods and Strategies Design Awards are ongoing and you can submit an entry anytime you wish. When you submit your design, you must keep in mind that submissions will mostly be evaluated based on their overall design. The efficiency of the system as well as the added value that it creates will be considered. Winners will be selected based on the emotional and functional aspects of the system. Improvement and overall efficiency will be taken into account and consideration will be given to usefulness of the system, ease of application, functionality and degree of innovation. If you think you have a method or strategy that you deserve a prize for, submit an entry in the competition today.


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