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Adult Toys Design Awards

Adult Toys Design Awards

The Design Award Competition is now open for individuals and companies with the best adult toy designs.

An adult toy is a device that can spice up a person’s sex life. These devices facilitate human pleasure and are widely used today. Adult toys also refer to any furniture or apparatus that can add sexual pleasure and comfort. These days, there are many different types of adult toys available and also included in this category are suction devices, sticks and wands. Due to nature of some of these adult devices and the way they are used, it is essential that a great deal of attention is given to the design and safety of these products. Designers must also keep in mind the nontoxic nature of adult toys so they do not cause harm to the users. Individuals and companies design adult toys every year, introducing new concepts every now and then. The A Design Awards are entered by some of the best designers in the world and now the entries for adult toys design awards are open for any designer, company or group that believes that their design deserves recognition. If you are someone who has designed adult toys and think you want to be recognized for the same, you must enter the A Design awards. The use of such products can be illegal in some countries and it could also be restricted in certain religions. But, if you are in a jurisdiction that allows use and sales of adult toys, then this award category is for you. Whether you are a design professional or a company, you can submit your entries and get a chance to win exciting prizes. It is also important to note that since this award category is concealed, there are some limits placed on the benefits you can get by winning an award. If you are a winner, you will not receive benefits where your designs could be made publicly visible. However, you can still get limited distribution, logo usage permissions and award trophy. You can visit for more information on submission guidelines and benefits. So if you think you may have a winning design for an adult toy, submit your entry today.


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