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Hospitality Design Award

Hospitality Design Award

Hospitality is one of the most sensitive industries. In the ancient times, different cultures had different ways in which they paid hospitality to their guests.

Hospitality is one of the most sensitive industries. In the ancient times, different cultures had different ways in which they paid hospitality to their guests. However, things have evolved over the years to an extent to which playing hospitality has nearly converged and conformed to some form of uniform practices. Hotels, bars and restaurants have engaged in high levels of designs in their quest to present the most satisfying and hospitable ambiances inside their facilities. In recognition of the best such achievements, there are various awards to honor the most innovative players in this industry. The HD product awards offer multiple awards that recognize the creativity and innovative products that are used in this industry. The products and categories range from flooring, Bath, furnishing, wall and other surfaces as well as textiles. Perhaps one of the most prestigious awards in this industry is the Gold Key Awards by the international Hotel, Motel and Restaurant shows; for over three decades now and with nineteen categories attracting nearly three hundred participants every year. The Gold Key Awards acknowledges achievements based on the levels of creativity and the quality of the designs presented in this industry. For nearly a decade now, the Hospitality Design magazine has offered awards in seventeen categories to honor the best hotels, resorts and restaurants with exceptional new designs both the architecture and interior design projects. Eventual winners are published in this magazine. Other notable hospitality design awards include the Ramada Franchise Systems Renovation of the Year award and the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards which this is an award of its own kind in the world since it is the only award that is intended for the sole purpose of the designs of the food and drinks spaces in the facilities of this industry. The one unique thing about the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards is the fact that it includes not only hotels and bars built on land but also such facilities as maybe found inside cruise ships. Furthermore, there is the A' Design Awards which differentiates from others for its coveted prize which includes publicity and marketing tools and services such as the excellence in hospitality certificate or the award winner logo license.


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