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National Design Awards

National Design Awards

This is the American award that was started in the year 2000 to acknowledge the achievements made by the nationals of United States of American.

This is the American award that was started in the year 2000 to acknowledge the achievements made by the nationals of United States of American. The main purpose of the National Design Awards other than recognition of the excellence is to enhance the levels of innovation in the country amongst the industry participants for all the different categories for which the awards are given. The National Design Awards is presented by the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum which is based in the state of New York. Since the National Design Awards was started in the year 2000, awards of recognition have been given in fourteen different categories of designs. Some of the categories have however been added to in the recent years and have not been in existence from the initial stage of the launch of this award. Since these categories of the award honors the most deserving individuals, a jury that is appointed by the museum on the fundamental principle of their skill in matters of design decides the final winners of each of these categories. 1. Architecture Design, 2. Landscape Design, 3. Product Design, 4. Lifetime Achievement, 5. Design Patron, 6. Design Mind, 7. Peoples design award, 8. Communications Design, 9. People's Design Award, 10. Fashion Design, 11. Interior Design, 12. Interaction Design. The People design award of the National Design Award is the only category of the awards where the general public is invited to vote for their chosen individual achiever. The winners for the rest of the categories are chosen by the jury. This awards mark the occasion that celebrates the achievements that have come a long way in defining the way in which the general public is enlightened about the levels of excellence that designers achieve as well as the promotion of creativity and innovation that positively impact the nation. The A' Design Awards shall not be confused with the American Design Awards, as the A' Design Awards about hundred categories and participation is worldwide.


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