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Retail Design Awards

Retail Design Awards

Retail design is a specialized practice in the trade and commerce sector that has been developed over the last century.

Retail design is a specialized practice in the trade and commerce sector that has been developed over the last century. Recent times have witnessed intense competition in the retail sector which has pushed the players in this sector to embrace elements of such as interior design in order to capture the imagination and satisfaction of the clientele. The aim of the retail design is to come up with ideas that are appealing and able to attract and retain as many shoppers as possible. The retail design award is therefore meant to appreciate the efforts of the individuals who have made recognizable contribution in the retail industry in terms of store planning, space layout as well as the interior design of the retails stores. It rewards the creativity and the innovations made by the stakeholders to satisfy the needs of this sector. These achievement and contributions are either fresh ideas or renovation done to the existing facilities. Nearly every part of the world have some form of organized these design awards, countries such as the UK, USA, Australian and the New Zealand all have annual gatherings where they crown the best designs, shop fittings achieved each year. The eventual winners are picked by the judges, who adjudicate on the successes of such designs based parameters such as the client experience and interaction with the designs, brand development and commercial advances over a period of usually 12 months. The central reason for participating in these retail design awards remains being declared the winners however, the participants who are mainly leading retailers, store planners and designers, stand to gain lot more by interacting with the other industry stakeholders which presents the best opportunities for exchanging ideas and sharing experiences. The forum also brings the participants closer to what takes place behind the scenes. The Retail Design institute of which has been in existence since 1961 has been at the forefront in championing sharing of ideas of a wide range of professionals including architects, graphic designers, brand managers as well as students. Furthermore, we shall mention the Retail Design Awards by the A' Design Awards, which is a sub-category of their interior design competition. The A' Design Award makes a huge difference from the other retail design awards by the award prize which includes public relations and advertising for its winners.


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