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Call For Submissions To Universal Design Awards

Call For Submissions To Universal Design Awards

If you think you have a winning universal product design, the A Design Awards competition is now open for talented designers from around the world to showcase their talents and win great prizes.

Universal design makes things easier, safer and convenient for people. It basically involves designing spaces and products which can be utilized by the largest number of people possible. Everyone has different abilities and universal designing recognizes these abilities regardless of age, gender and status to create products and things which are easier for everyone to use. Entries are now being accepted for the Universal Design Awards. People from around the world can submit their entries for a chance to win amazing prizes. Some of the prizes include extensive PR campaign, opportunity to sell winning designs, certificates, invitation to prime clubs, winner kit contents, gala-night invitation, yearbook publication, feedback from jury members, competition statistics, badges, award trophy and many others. The A Design Awards gives talented designers of universal products the opportunity to get noticed. Top designs will be featured in the yearly book so participants get exposure to a wider public. Winning designs will also be introduced to companies and advertised in online media. There is a range of categories for which entries are possible. These include user friendly products and services, inherently accessible projects and easy to use products for phone/entertainment, work, mobility, communication services, residential, leisure and lifestyle, assisted living, public areas and so on. The entries will be evaluated based on flexible use, intuitive use, broad usability, economic criteria, safety, error tolerance and intercultural character. Architects, product designers, master planners, urban designers, interior designers as well as institutions and companies can nominate their easy to use product designs. The benefits of making a submission include getting introduced to the design world, increased sales, prestige and honor among many others. The competition is now open and you can submit your entry straightaway. For more information on entry requirements, prizes and benefits, do not forget to visit Join now if you believe you have a winning universal design.


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