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Call for Submission for Design Award for Limited Edition Products

Call for Submission for Design Award for Limited Edition Products

Calling entries for Limited Edition Products Award

The A' Design Award for Limited Edition Products is not simply an award, but a sign of excellence and accomplishment. It is a known around the globe by designers, organizations, and experts as an indication of superior creativity and design. To win this award is a clear sign of true talent that will get the attention of design and art oriented organizations all over the world. With the certificate of A’Design Award, you will get noticed by high profile leaders that can give you the opportunity needed to become a success in the design industry. Those who win the A' Limited Edition and Custom Products Design Award get the honor of having their design published in the best designs yearbook, which is globally distributed to high profile magazines, companies, and at relevant events. These designs will also be shown at an exhibition in Italy, with a chance of being chosen for a permanent place. This will also be announced in periodicals, newspapers, and websites. Every winning design is published online, and gets a trophy, a certificate, and sticker templates to be placed on their creations as a seal of design excellence. This label is good for the whole product lifetime with no extra fees. The judges of the award are scholars, professionals, CEO’s, leaders of corporations, and professors. There is also a group of average, everyday, and regular individuals who can add normalization to the judging with no bias. The votes of the professionals, academic, and the focus group are all counted to decide the winners. Some of the considerations in the judging are originality, human aspects, simplicity of use, intensity, technical features, selection of resources, and ergonomics. The best limited edition designs will be chosen for their visual work, simplicity of use, and sustainability, with particular notice of packaging and characteristics that make the design stand out from the other editions. The purpose of the Limited Edition Award is to appeal to the high class, extravagant lifestyle design media, publications, and leaders of the business industry. This is done to draw the attention of the public, including those in the design world, which can increase your network of business leads, setting you ahead of the other designers. Top 3 benefits: 1. The winner is featured in the A’ Design yearly book that helps in increasing exposure of the design or the product. 2. The winning entries are advertised in front of millions of people through traditional publications, broadcasting media, online media and search engines. 3. The winning entries are introduced to the related and significant companies so that the winners have an opportunity to meet all industry leaders. Products that can be submitted to the category. While the design is judged based on its sustainability and ease of application, factors that actually make it “Limited Edition” are distinctively looked upon. Thus features like special packing and presentation attract more credits. The A’ Design award applicant for Limited Edition Products should have produced 9-1001 pieces. All less or extra copies are eliminated. Submissions are accepted from commissioned artists, designers, creative agencies and manufacturers. The competition is currently open for entries (entries are ongoing and perpetual and submissions can be made at anytime). Please visit for more information. If you have created something special submit your product today.


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