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Call for Entries for the Design Award for 3D Printed Forms and Products

Call for Entries for the Design Award for 3D Printed Forms and Products

Calling for submissions for getting awards for 3D Printed Forms and Products

The A’ Design Award for 3D Printed Forms and Products recognizes excellence in this revolutionary technique. 3D printing technology enables designers to eschew traditional mass production methods. This award is given every year and is open to candidates from all over the world. It encompasses designs, which are fully realized. The A’ Design Award is the very first design award that is being realized in 3D printing of metal. Winning this award puts a designer at the forefront of their industry because their achievement is recognized worldwide. It means that contacts will be made with the movers and shakers who shape the future. This will obviously give the winner an advantage both in the job market and in any freelance work they may undertake. The designs are judged based on the internal structure, overall aesthetics and whether there is any protective packaging or not. The award is aimed at professionals and talented individuals who have created commendable products via 3D printing. The award is open for 3D printed forms and shapes (3D bio printed designs, 3D technologies and innovations are excluded from this category), multi-material 3D work and 3D products that can auto-transform or assemble. The prize in this competition is extensive; as well as prestige, recognition and credibility as a designer you also get the benefit of the following (among many others): A full publicity campaign, The use of the competition logo, The Good Design Mark, Press release distribution, The winner’s manual, Translation to more than twenty languages, Marketing and Consultancy, Proof of Creation document, Press kit platform, The achievement is also published online and is included in the A’ best designs yearbook. Clearly, there are many advantages to entering this competition, worldwide recognition being one of the strongest, along with advertising opportunities and publicity. The winning entry will be showcased at our exhibition in Italy and the best designs will be put on permanent display. This award is especially important for work at the conceptual stage, as it shows early success in 3D design. The judging panel includes both academics and professionals. There is also a jury of ordinary people which gives a balance to the scoring process. This competition is open for entries now (entries are ongoing and can be submitted at any time). If you require more information go to Enter today to achieve future success!


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