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Call for Entries to the Award for Disposable and Single-Use Products

Call for Entries to the Award for Disposable and Single-Use Products

Calling for awards in the category of Disposable and Single-Use Products

Products denoted as disposable or single use are designed to be used only once. They are then recycled, or disposed of in another way. These products, while sometimes considered inexpensive and only to be used for convenience, can be very important for medical or sanitary use. The A’ Design Award for Disposable Products is aimed at these products, and entries are accepted which are at the conceptual stage as well as those which are fully realized. This award is recognized worldwide, and captures the attention of industry professionals as well as companies and other interested parties. This means that winners can have a fast track to success in their careers, whether they intend to work for a successful company or work independently as a freelance designer. An important aspect of this competition is the emphasis places on waste reduction; this includes biodegradability, recyclability, and disposability. Entrants will have to justify the use of a disposable product. Innovation, ecological factors, depth of development, ease of production, waste reduction, technical properties and the human factor will be taken into consideration. As well as a trophy, certificate and the A’ Seal of Excellence, the winners will also receive (among others): Inclusion in designer rankings, Marketing and consultancy, A gala night invitation, Translation to more than 20 languages, Inclusion in world design rankings, Use of the competition logo, A proof of creation, An exhibition certificate, Press release preparation, An extensive PR campaign. This award aims to reach out to the media and to attract leads to your business through intensive publicity. This publicity encompasses the use of disposable products; these are commonplace but do not attract much attention. The award wishes to promote the use of eco-friendly products; thus caring for the environment. Winning entries will be shown at our exhibition in Italy and the best will be on permanent display. Academics and professionals will judge the entries, as well as a panel of ordinary people to ensure a balance in judging. The competition is open now (entries are ongoing and can be submitted at any time). For further information consult Enter now and show the world what you can do!


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