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Call for Entries to Concealed, Hidden and Secret Design Competition

Call for Entries to Concealed, Hidden and Secret Design Competition

Invitation for participation in the design competition for designs not open to public

If you have a design that you wish to submit to the competition, but for some reason you do not want it to be available to the public for a limited amount of time, than this particular category is just for you. The Concealed, Hidden and Secret Competition Entries are hidden for the duration of the competition and 3 years after the declaration of winners. This category was made with designs whose specifications can not be disclosed to the public due to reason like not being patented yet, or if the secrecy of the product is required. Winning this particular category will not get the designer the media coverage that other categories bring for the period of 3 years or until category change fee is paid. After 3 years have passed A’ Design Award & Competition holds the right to make the design open for public. Applicants of this category should consider some additional rules like: the fact that they will not be granted the PR campaign or press release distribution, but will still have the right to use the A’ Design Award Logo, the designs will be judged by a different jury who are not permitted to disclose any design details, aside from its name, use and designer’s name, also A’ Design Award & Competition can not vouch 100% secrecy and will not take responsibility if information about the design gets obtained illegally. Aside from these and some other additional rules Concealed, Hidden and Secret Design Competition will abide by all the rules that unconcealed categories follow. For any additional information and list of categories available for Concealed, Hidden and Secret Design Competition please visit The competition is open and is accepting submission all day, every day. If you are working on a project that is not yet ready for public, this is a great opportunity to have it acquire popularity even before it is released, so do not hesitate to apply.


This article was added on Tuesday, 3rd of February, 2015 at 06.41 am by author Milan Martinjuk Tags: concealed project award, secreat project competition, secret design award, projects under development, unpatented projects contest, exclusive design award, concealed service contest, non-public design award, hidden design contest. Read our copyright policy here.


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