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Product Design Awards

Product Design Awards

Only for great product designs; the Product Design Awards is an opportunity to promote your products and to receive the widest possible publicity and attention from the design oriented media including lifestyle magazines.

Product Design Awards recognize the best of the Fast Moving Consumer Products and Packaged Consumer Goods Industries; the very best FMCG packaging designs, interesting and trendy new products are highlighted together with the products identities. These unique Design Awards for FMCG Products focus exclusively and entirely on suppliers of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, yet designers are also allowed to submit their concepts or freelance work to create a more artistically competitive event. Enter your best work before the Product Design Award deadline expire to be in with a chance of winning one of the prestigious PDA Award trophies, which are distributed during the galanight free of charge to all winners, further information about the Product Design Awards, Entry Information and Submission Criteria, and information on how to reserve your free space from the Product Design Gala Dinner & Awards can be seen from the PDA Website. In all categories, a clear demonstration of design effectiveness and value will be key to determining the winners, so supporting evidence must be included as well as high-resolution images for Press purposes. If you design, develop or manufacture a product, and if you want your product to be used by the masses, you should apply to the A-Prime Product Design Awards, which will serve as a confirmation of superior value and as a seal of quality to push further sales; studies show that consumers prefer the product design award winning works more when two products are compared.


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