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Call for Applications to Meta, Strategic and Service Design Competition

Call for Applications to Meta, Strategic and Service Design Competition

Design Award invites you to present your Meta, Strategic and Service Design solution to the world.

Have you ever had an idea that you thought could revolutionize the way people do business today? If the answer is yes, than you should not hesitate to present it in the A’ Meta, Strategic and Service Design Competition. The A’ Meta, Strategic and Service Design Competition judges its applications based on a number of criteria such as: the functionality of the service as well as their level of aesthetics, innovativeness and also how easily such an idea can be implemented. The A’ Design Award in itself represents a worldwide approved mark of impeccable quality of design and offers its winner an ultimate first stepping stone to successful career in the design market. The winner will also be presented with: a winner’s certificate and an exclusive 3D printed A’ Design Award Winner’s Trophy, a document proving he or she is the creator of the design and most importantly a full support in publication of press release and marketing of the award winning design. The A’ Design Award will make sure that the winner’s design is presented in the best light and will help its creator attract attention of potential business partners. The winners will also get an invitation to the exclusive gala-night and their work will have an opportunity to be exhibited in the A’ Design Winners Exhibition and be featured in the Yearbook of awarded designs printed annually. The applications will be judged separately by two juries comprising of different people. The first jury consists of leading experts in the design community and the other of ordinary people to make the final decision fully unbiased. For more information on the competition and the full list of benefits that A’ Design Award brings, visit our site The competition is currently open for applications which are being received any day of the week, so if you have a feeling your design is what the world needs do not hesitate to apply.


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