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Call for Submission to Arts and Crafts Design Award

Call for Submission to Arts and Crafts Design Award

Enter the greatest international competition with your arts & crafts designs

If you are an artist, designer, designer gallery or some other design or art institution, The A’ Arts, Crafts and Ready-made Design Award Competition is one of the most famous international competition where you can present your art work and compete against the world’s best designers. Taking part in this prestigious design competition will provide you the much sought proof of quality and value of your work. Wining the A’ Design Award gives you a lot of benefits and privileges. You’ll have a chance to get free international publicity for your art work, unique award trophy, printed certificate in metal frame and A ’Design Award winner logo and publication in the Annual Yearbook, are just some elements of award winners’ kit. A’ design Award exhibition of the winning design will be shown in Italy and it’s free for winners. This is also a great opportunity to build connections with accomplished fellow designers, as well as opportunity to cash some of their work. You can present some of your craft work, paintings, art object, sculptures, functional sculptures designs, ceramics and more. There are three categories (the award for Arts, the award for Crafts and award for Ready-made designs) judged on several criteria such as uniqueness of concept and style, presentation of the work, techniques used and idea execution. In order to give true recognition to the quality of design and art, The A’ Arts, Crafts and Ready-made Design Award Competition has brought together designers, artists and companies from around the world. If you want to find more information about this competition you can visit A' Design Award. The Competition is currently open and you can make your submission anytime. By joining the competition, you are one step closer to being counted among established representatives of the arts scene.


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