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Invitation to Nominate Your Designs to Idea Design Award

Invitation to Nominate Your Designs to Idea Design Award

Join forces with elite designer community in an effort to touch, influence, impress and improve the world around us.

A’ Idea Design Competition assembles aspiring young designers, professionals in the design niche and companies, from all over the world with fresh, innovative ideas of a way to enhance, influence and touch people’s lives in various spheres. Indeed, from product development and business concepts, to futuristic visions and projects that are creatively challenging, they have all found their place under the A’ Idea Design umbrella. Participation on this prestige competition alone provides great opportunities for young designers by allowing them to make valuable contacts with professional designers and businesses that have recognized a true talent in them. They are given recognition necessary for aspiring designers to establish their presence on the world’s market. On the other hand, veteran designers have the benefit of added value to their products, ideas, projects, etc. Apart from this, winners of A’ Idea Design Award are provided with numerous other benefits, the most significant of which are international exposure of their creation or idea, and media coverage, official inclusion into credible designer circles, lifelong right to use A’ Design Award & Competition logo on their designs, and many, many others. Winners’ Kit consists of over 20 various benefits and advantages, and to see all that is included check their winners pack. If you believe that your concept has a potential to change, influence, advance people in any way, feel free to submit your work. The competent jury composed of Academic representatives and professionals in design field are gathered to objectively assess the innovative aspect of your product or concept.


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