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Call for entry for The Musical Instruments Design Competition

Call for entry for The Musical Instruments Design Competition

Musical innovation deserves recognition with the musical instruments design award

Music has been a source of joy, relaxation and all kinds of emotion for almost as long as humans have lived. We often think of our lives in terms of the soundtrack that accompanied it. Couples have ‘their song’, and the design of musical instruments plays an intrinsic part of that process. Who can think of Buddy Holly without two things, his glasses and his iconic 1955 Fender Stratocaster? Musical instrument design makes memories that last a lifetime, creates those images that the world sees and remembers, and sounds that become intertwined with each of our lives. This is why The A' Musical Instruments Design Competition exists, to honor innovation and creativity within this wonderful arena. Of course, the winners get a wonderful trophy to acknowledge their success, but it is the other rewards that really make entrance to this award competition a must for all design companies, individuals and groups involved in the music industry. The winner’s package is music to any designers ears, with global publicity from a complete professional PR campaign as well as content delivered through syndicated magazine articles that will feature in over 100 different magazines reaching everywhere right across the world. In addition the winners will receive marketing advice, invitations to prime clubs and proof of creation documents, along with sales lists and a physical exhibition of the winning designs. The ability to capitalize on that exposure with professional marketing advice and the ability to use the winner’s logo on the design means that designers can take full advantage of the opportunity that winning this prestigious, world recognized award brings. Entries are currently being requested for The A' Musical Instruments Design Competition and with such a magnificent package for winners, designers should seriously consider this right now. Further details of both the competition itself and submission procedure are available on Make some noise today and submit your designs for The A' Musical Instruments Design Competition


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